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Gardening Supplies Guide
is a quick and easy way to find the best online stores and shops for garden supplies, tools, bulbs, seeds and plants from around the Web. Whether you are into the monster vegetable garden that takes up your entire backyard, or you merely want to grow some herbs or flowers in those containers on your deck, we can point you in the right direction so you can find out which popular store has what you need. We don't sell garden supplies, but we can tell you who does.

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Top Choices from around the Web

Bulbs for rose gardening, vegetables, herbs and has a big supply of live plants, bulbs and seeds for flower, rose, vegetable gardening and more. Their customers include professional landscapers as well as the casual home gardener.

Garden supplies and gardening toolsGardener's Supply Company offers a good assortment of gardening tools and supplies like these Felco pruners. They have a large amount of essential garden and lawn products and equipment . Discover more about metal sheds from Sheds First at .

Garden items, organic gardening, rose, vegetable and plantsDirect Gardening has an extensive selection of garden items, plants, bulbs, seeds, and tools.

Dutch Gardens has bulbs such as Tulip, Crocus, Iris and Daffodil:
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Save at Gardens Alive
Be sure to check out I Like Sheds, an online shop dedicated to the natural gardener.

There is a chill in the wind and the days are getting shorter. Is your garden ready for winter? Read a few tips and suggestions for getting your garden ready for fall.

You can attach a beautiful sunroom to your home, or enclose your patio, porch or deck. You can add value to your home, expand your living space and enjoy the outdoors year round.

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Products for Gardeners
Gardener's Supply stocks one of the best assortments of great products for the lawn, garden, patio and backyard.

Nature Hills Nursery is a top destination for live trees, shrubs and bushes.

You've seen their time-saving products for gardeners on TV. Now find out more.

Sometimes you can find the garden supplies you need at one of the better auction sites. Check out our short list of the top sites to find used and new garden supplies and tools.

If your favorite site isn't listed here please let us know.

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